We accept email queries, and we never charge reading fees. We also are happy to accept submissions via mail (be sure to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope in that instance). Please note that Mary Evans Inc. does not represent writers who only write stage plays or screenplays, as all of our clients write books, but only some also write in those other formats.

Please see the separate agents' listing for information about our agents and their contact information, but please do not submit to more than one agent at Mary Evans Inc.. If you are unsure as to which agent is the right one for your book, rest assured that if you submit to an agent who feels a colleague might be a better candidate for a project, it will be speedily passed along.

We appreciate it when queries include the following:

  • Please put the word query in the subject line.
  • A brief letter about your book (genre, summary and/or synopsis, word count, etc.)
  • A bit about you/your writing background
  • For fiction: Include the first few pages, or opening chapter of your novel as a single Word attachment.
  • For nonfiction: Include your book proposal as a single Word attachment. [The elements of a solid book proposal include: Overview; About the Author; Chapter Outline; Marketing/Publicity; Comparative Works; Sample Chapter.]

Please allow 4-8 weeks for a response, though we may contact you sooner. We look forward to hearing from you.